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TMSA & OVMSA Preparation

The Tanker Management and Self-Assessment (TMSA) programme and Offshore Vessel Management and Self-Assessment (OVMSA) programme provides tanker shipping companies and offshore shipping companies respectively, a means to improve and measure their own safety management systems.

The programme requires shipping companies to assess their Safety Management Systems (SMS) against key performance indicators (KPIs) and provides a minimum expectation (level 1) plus three levels of increasing best practice guidance. Aligning their own policies and procedures with industry best practice helps shipping and offshore companies to improve their performance and attain high standards of safety and pollution prevention.


The process of TMSA and OVMSA preparation process is as follows:

  • Our experts will visit your office to conduct a Pre-TMSA / Pre-OVMSA Audit wrt to the latest version of TMSA and OVMSA.
  • Prepare a detailed Risk Based TMSA / OVMSA Audit Report with Risk Indicators (RI) score card which will assist the you in identifying the weak, weaker and weakest areas in terms of risk scores.
  • The Audit Report will include a list of findings with recommendations for ensuring an acceptance.
  • You will then initiate and implement the necessary corrective and preventive actions within the suggested time frame.
  • If required, our experts will revisit to verify the effectiveness of the CAPA taken in order to ensure full compliance.


We charge a lumpsum fee plus costs for the above services to ensure your budgets are met along with the guaranteed results.

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