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SIRE & OVID Pre Inspection / Pre Vetting Preparation

The OCIMF-SIRE program is a unique tanker risk assessment tool of immense value to charterers, ship operators, terminal operators and government bodies concerned with overall ship safety​ and its operations.

The OCIMF-OVID is the database of offshore inspections broadly following the format of SIRE inspections in recognition that the offshore industry also requires an assurance system for the operators and charterers in offshore industry.

We provide complete reinspection, preparation and support for the entire vetting inspection lifecycle to achieve unparallel results. The brief process is as follows:

  • Our experts will visit / sail with the vessel to conduct a pre-SIRE or pre-OVID inspection wrt to the latest version of SIRE VIQ or OVIQ.
  • Prepare a detailed Risk Based GAP Assessment Report with Risk Indicators (RI) score card which will assist the vessel and the shore office in identifying the weak, weaker and weakest areas in terms of risk scores
  • The gap Assessment Report will also include cost-effective recommendations for ensuring an acceptance.
  • The client initiates the necessary corrective actions within the suggested time frame.
  • If required, our consultants can be present onboard till the vetting inspection is completed and desired results achieved.
  • Once the official SIRE inspection report is received by the client, we will submit the official comments in the OCIMF-SIRE website in close consultation with the client to ensure the right language, right phrases, right terminology, right words, right evidences.... as we know what actions the other party wants to hear and see.


We charge a lumpsum fee plus costs for the above services to ensure your budgets are met along with the guaranteed results.

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