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Risk Management & Risk Profiling

As risk management specialists we provide traditional risk assessments and management services, ie HAZID, HIRA , HAZOP, CHAZOP, PFMEA, DFMEA and Poka-Yoke. We also establish a customized risk priority criteria / RPN criteria for your organization which is a highly specialized work and requires lot of historic data to ensure that the results you get are accurate.

In line with the modern day business requirements where strategies are drawn basis risk profiling, we provide a unique service where we carry out risk profiling of any organization, function or operation. This service is highly confidential and gives the Owners and Management a clear picture of the risks in the organization, function or operation. This also helps in due diligence application during mergers and acquisition. This will enable them to plan and treat the risks according to the and priority and budgets available.

Following Risk Profiling categories (In alphabetical order) are offered by us:

  • Audit risks
  • Emergency Response / Disaster Management risks
  • Environmental risks
  • Financial risks
  • Fraud risks
  • Health & Safety risks
  • Legal and Regulatory risks
  • Mergers and Acquisitions risks
  • Operational risks
  • Peoples risk
  • Process and Procedures risks
  • Quality risks
  • Reputation risks
  • Security risks


We use various risk management tools and techniques based on the complexity of the problem, nature & degree of uncertainty and information available including time and costs criteria.

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