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Risk Based Third Party Technical Inspections

Our expert team of consultants can carry out Third Party Technical Inspections which are conducted with a risk-based approach. The risk-based approach minimizes downtime and ensures equipment longevity for your plant / facility. Analysis of fixed equipment, piping, pipelines, pressure relief devices at your facility using a risk-based approach can increase the effectiveness of your mechanical integrity inspection program while minimizing risk to Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE). Further, a complete assessment of your critical equipment’s and identifying the causes of component failure will ensure that you can develop cost-effective methods in implementing repairs and replacements to help you improve component reliability and plant safety resulting in minimizing the overall costs and increase in profitability.


Key Benefits of Risk-Based Third-Party Inspections:

  • A more cost-effective alternative to traditional inspection, usually by means of nondestructive testing
  • More reliable equipment and plant operation
  • Identification of the operational risks associated with equipment via material degradation
  • Identification and assessment of critical equipment’s in the plant
  • Identification of critical spares to ensure minimum downtime
  • Adherence to codes of compliance resulting in increased safety
  • Reduction in breakdowns / plant downtime


The entire process results in focusing on specific assets that are most likely to pose a risk to the facility. In case you need expert opinion regarding your plant, machinery, and equipment our independent technical and domain experts will assist you in getting a correct and clear picture regarding the technical capability of your machinery or equipment.

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