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QHSE Legal & Regulatory Compliance Obligation Registers

A legal register is a list of legal instruments, whether legislation, regulation or otherwise, which apply uniquely to a specified operation wrt to Quality, Occupational Health, Safety and Environment. For every organization compliance with QHSE legal and regulatory requirements is a must and establishing a Legal register is the first step towards achieving this goal. A detailed and accurate Legal Register ensures stakeholder awareness, better comprehension and timely compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. Further Compliance Obligations are Contractual Obligations with Customers, Dealers, Distributors, External Providers and other stakeholders etc which should be available to the relevant employees or departments in order to ensure that they are easily available, retrievable and followed promptly wrt Quality, Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) . Dedicating a section purely to these compliance obligations will go a long way in ensuring that the obligations are complied with and no penalties or fines are paid by the company resulting is losses. Our experts who also possess legal qualifications will study your operations, products and services and then establish a customized legal and Compliance Obligation Register which has following path breaking features:

  • Establishing the applicable Acts / Rules / Regulations for your organization, country, state and city
  • One click access to the applicable Act / Rule / Regulation
  • One click access to all latest amendments
  • Type of operations / activities
  • Specific section applicable to the relevant operation / activity
  • Description of the applicable section
  • Requirements for compliance
  • Details of forms to be submitted to authorities with frequency
  • Details of fines / penalties / imprisonments
  • Responsibility
  • Email alerts
  • Deviations
  • Details of Inspections by Authorities
  • Fines / Penalties


All above features are also offered online thru our Paperless Management System. To learn more visit https://paperless.net.in Tracking new and changing Acts, rules and regulations across the globe, and managing that information is a challenge for organizations and this is where we come in. We are well aware of these challenges and ensure that a after a customized Legal and Compliance Obligation Register is established you get monthly updates on any amendments to the applicable Acts / Rules / regulations. NO! We do not flood you with hundreds of amendments and then ask you to findout and choose the applicable ones to your organization. Instead, our Legal Subscription Team will carefully select and send you only those amendments which are purely applicable to you in a format which will give you a quick overview of all updates in the year. All updates are sent thru a secured  link on the cloud server so that you can access them anytime by any device and also share the same with your colleagues if necessary.

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