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Outsourcing / Leasing your HSE Department

Outsourcing or leasing your Occupational Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) department from us will save you huge amount of money and time you'd spend looking for the right employees, interviewing, handling all the paperwork and keeping up on tax and employee laws. That's time you can put into running your business and directing your employees.

Outsourcing / leasing also ensures that you get a team which has domain expertise, knowledge, experience, skills and desired qualification. The work starts from day 1 and you don’t have to spend anything on induction, briefing, training, familiarization etc. To summarize to get a team ready to work as per the policies and procedures specific to your business and how you want them to do their jobs.

Apart from managing your day to day HSE issues we will also manage your entire documentation, paperwork, work permits, toolbox talks, safety meetings etc.

Our team will also get you relevant ISO certification by preparing everything for your organization

For scheduling a discussion on how leasing or outsourcing your HSE department can benefit your organization please use the contact form

Alternatively, you can get in touch with us at sales@qhse-riskconsultants.com

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