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Maritime Legal Advisory Services

As the economic turmoil continues, it appears that ship arrest is the best remedy for the creditors in the marine industry.

Ship arrest is an excellent way to obtain security for a claim and potentially prepare for a judicial sale of the vessel, should that become necessary. Arrest may be a suitable remedy for a variety of creditors, such as owners that need to repossess the vessel under the charter party, bunker suppliers that have not been paid, a bank that has terminated the loan facility and wishes to draw on its mortgage or crew members that have outstanding wages.

Ship arrest is a relatively easy, inexpensive and quick solution for getting your dues from the opponents.

Similarly, if your ships have been arrested, we can get them released immediately from any port in India.

If you have purchased an expensive marine software which does not work and has not met your requirements then we can assist you in getting your money back with damages.

Any litigation or fraud issues with agents / shippers / freight forwarders / charterers in India can be settled by our experts in the most appropriate way to your benefit.

For assistance please contact our Partner Sanjay Dewan at s.dewan@qhse-riskconsultants.com

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