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Crisis and Media Management Consulting

Your Company’s reputation & status may have taken many years to establish, yet can be easily damaged or lost in seconds by a bad press report or a careless comment or a rumour after a fatality or any major accident. In today’s time where rumours can spread like wildfire thru digital, print and social media in no time, it is important that during crisis the priority should be to bring the situation under control and ensure that information and communication is managed in most efficient and professional manner to protect the interest of the company.

Our Crisis and Media Management consulting comprises of following:

  • Masterclass in Crisis and Media Management specially designed for entrepreneurs & senior management who come into contact with the media either as a company representative or participant in media briefings. This program develops the concept of the “20 key question areas” that are of interest to the media and looks at ways of dealing with perception and reality in relation to these subjects. Setting the media agenda and the important technique of “bridging” are also covered. Participants are able to practice both on the telephone and on camera in a ‘Down the Line’ television interview, Doorstep or ‘Face to Face’ interview and ‘Press Conference’.
  • After studying your operations, we will establish a customised Media and Crisis Management Plan which includes following:
  1. Emergency Response & Disaster Management Plan
  2. Fire Fighting Equipment Plan
  3. Evacuation Plan
  4. Internal Communication
  5. External Communication
  6. Print Media Communication
  7. Digital Media Communication
  8. Social Media Communication

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