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Third Party Accident / Incident Investigations
In today’s business any major accident / incident can destroy a company's reputation and good will. This can lead to blacklisting, lockouts, demonstrations, fines and imprisonments. Accident / Incident investigation by independent third parties can lend credibility by providing professional and unbiased investigation reports. We provide independent incident investigation services in case of any untoward incidents or mishaps within your enterprise. Our consultants are located worldwide in major metro cities and ports who can arrive at your site in no time. All consultants are domain experts with overall industry experience of over 20 years. All investigators are competent and well qualified in investigation techniques. We use a smart mix and match combination of following investigation and Root Cause Analysis tools, depending on the circumstances and operation, for carrying out the investigation and RCA:
  • FRAM
  • MTO
  • 1 Husband & 5 Wives
  • 6M Ishikawa Model
  • 5 Whys
  • 8D
  • Pareto Charts
All investigation reports are kept confidential and only shared with the person who ordered for it. For scheduling an investigation please get in touch with us in private with our Partner at s.dewan@qhse-riskconsultants.com

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